Step by step

from fresh leaf to jewelry



Go for a ramble and return loaded with leaves that have sharp, very clear vein structures.

Use them as quickly as possible before they begin to wilt.

Never wash them because the slightest bit of moisture would stay in the grooves of the veins and stop the porcelain from adhering to reproduce the fine details.

My secret     Leaves gathered at dawn are more robust than they are at the end of the day when there is little sap in the veins. A good night’s sleep does wonders for the complexion, just as it does for us!



Choose healthy leaves and apply the porcelain directly on the surface, include the mount, and then very carefully take the porcelain off as soon as when it hardens.

Smooth the back and overly sharp edges of the leaf by sanding.

My secret     Small blemishes, insect bites and other marks cannot be seen on the fresh leaf but they are pronounced in the porcelain one. Sometimes I prefer to leave them, sometimes I remove them.


Colouring, my favorite step !

Apply highly diluted pigments in several layers, sometimes wetting the leaf to retain their transparency and so they run into each other like watercolours. Sometimes I use silver powder or a touch of gilding wax to bring out the veins before glazing.

I have tried all kinds of chemical dyes but NO! They won’t do. I always come back to natural pigments, sometimes adding lemon juice, spices, ashes, wine or something that inspires me.

My secret     To make a green leaf, NEVER use green, but play with yellows, blues, water and the grooves of the veins structure to obtain vibrant hues and subtle shading.



Choose from accumulated treasures, what will go together: assemble them, mount and attach, try it out, undo, change them a bit, secure…

It’s a matter of respecting the person who has ordered the custom-crafted piece; of bringing together the leaves she has chosen. So it’s not unusual for me to spend a whole night assembling a necklace, and in the end taking it all apart again in the morning…

But when it’s finished, what satisfaction to have created a unique, one-of-a-kind piece!

My secret     There is no recipe. What seems perfect for one leaf, doesn’t always work for another one. One just has to create something different every time.



A single item is delivered in a little linen or silk bag.

Several pieces are delivered in a matching handmade satin jewelry pouch. Inside are individual compartments to separate and protect your jewelry when you travel.

For some pieces, I sometimes make artwork boxes of which the necklace is an integral part, always using natural materials and plant elements.

My secret     Inspired by Japanese culture, the gift begins with the packaging.

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