The story begins half a century ago, in a huge cherry tree at the bottom of an orchard. As a child, I would hide at the top of the tree, hidden by the leaves, to read, daydream and imagine thousands of things I would do later.

Then “later” came – I still loved trees and had achieved some of my dreams. Finally, a « thirst » for creativity brought me to where I am now – in the “atelier d’art modeste”, my workshop where my jewelry-leaves come alive.

Leaves – for years I have been contemplating them, breathing in their smell, caressing them. In my handbag, I carry a pair of  secateurs and come home with armfuls of leaves almost every time I’m out and about. I wanted to keep them, bring out their beauty and wear them, so I tried endless different materials and techniques…

And in the end I found a way !


02.04.2014 square light

Is the jewelry sturdy?   

Careful FRAGILE! Like any other porcelain object, a leaf necklace that falls can break, even if the glaze does protect it, a bit…


“I’d like the same one in red!”   

Every leaf is unique, so it’s impossible to make two identical pieces of jewelry. However, it is absolutely possible to create a piece especially for you. You choose the shape, number of elements, length, colour, materials etc. When the jewelry has been designed but before it is definitively assembled, you will be sent photos for your approval.


Who is ilemas? 

ilemas, it’s her, it’s me… somewhat multi-faceted, somewhere between a sometimes great mother and the old lady I’m bound to become one day, I admit to a penchant for fleeting moments, ephemeral beauty, ancient and precious words, little scraps of paper and old apothecary bottles. I also love Cathedrals, Tango, the Belle Époque and witches’ gardens.